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How Liberty Games is sparking joy in households around the world

Posted: 23 July 2021


Many of us are forced to leave the fun and games behind when we enter adulthood, but for Jamie Stanford, it was the exact opposite. While his peers stepped into white-collar careers, Jamie was drawn to the melodic chimes of pinball machines and the joy they created with a single whack of a button. Determined to help others unlock fun in their day-to-day lives, Jamie joined Liberty Games and began bringing leisure equipment to households across the UK.

Liberty Games was born out of the amusement equipment rental company, Liberty Leisure. Although primarily a supplier to commercial clients, the company shifted its focus to private customers and evolved into Liberty Games in 2004. “Since then, we have swiftly increased our product range and expertise to service the home market and currently we stand as the largest games room equipment supplier in the UK,” Jamie says. 

With their highly integrated website, clients from around the world can shop an impressive range of amusement equipment 24 hours a day. From luxury pool tables and pinball machines to digital jukeboxes and arcade coffee tables, Liberty Games has something for everyone. The games room specialists also offer refurbishment services and are one of the only professional pinball machine restoration houses in the country. “We only employ people who genuinely care about our service and clients,” Jamie says. “If things go wrong, we fix it.” 

However, specialising in extremely large gaming equipment comes with its own unique set of challenges. “Due to the space-eating nature of our products, we get serious pinch points throughout the year, especially around Christmas,” Jamie says. Thankfully, the team at Storage King Epsom are more than willing to accommodate the crew when they run out of room. “For us, Storage King is local and they react fast,” Jamie says. “Izzy, the manager of the Epsom branch, also always looks after us.”

With the new year fast approaching, the team are more determined than ever to bring families together through the shared joy of games. “2022 is about dusting ourselves off from the pandemic and continuing to grow,” Jamie says. To learn more about Liberty Games and their world-class leisure equipment, visit their website or read our blog for their top tips to making it in this competitive industry. 

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