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Here's why Black Friday 2020 will be like no other

Posted: 27 October 2020

Black Friday 1

Black Friday, one of the most anticipated sales of the year, is a day synonymous with panic buying, crowds and bargains. With the pandemic having gripped the world, Black Friday 2020 will certainly be like no other. Here's what we could expect.

Less crowds

Businesses and retailers are readjusting their normal strategy for Black Friday. They can no longer try to drive customers in their thousands to their stores and so this year will be all about online shopping, and we can expect digital and social advertising to be more of a focus than ever before. How do these businesses make sure that they websites can handle the additional traffic? We'll have to wait and see.

It's more than just a day

Retailers are expanding on what has traditionally been one day of Black Friday, to extend over a few days and in some cases a whole month. For those retailers who do extend it, the question we ask above about the risk of increased web traffic could be resolved. If you do a quick search you'll read plenty of articles from previous Black Fridays where the websites of multiple major retailers crashed. This could be a good solution for many of them while not impacting their sales.

Longer delivery

With the increased amount of online shopping that is expected, how will this impact the logistics of actually getting the product from the store or warehouse to the customer? It's hard to say as we've probably never experienced this type of shopping shift before. We may have to be a little more patient for that delivery though!

Future Black Fridays 

With so many more traditional shoppers no longer visiting stores and rather adopting technology, we could see a lot less people physically in stores in coming years as more online retailers take advantage of this adoption.

As with all things 2020, there is a level of uncertainty around this Black Friday and so we will need to see how retailers and consumers react this year in what is once again a 'new normal'.

Whether you do visit the shops or buy completely online this Black Friday period, the good news is that if you need to make way in your home for these items you can safely store all your other goods with us. 

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