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Expert tips to building an award-winning interior design firm

Posted: 15 October 2021

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While there is a great number of interior design firms in the UK, Designer Touches has an eye for elegance and excellence that sets it apart from the rest. Founded in 1999 by principal designer Mary Georgiou, the Surrey-based studio creates unique spaces that are both luxurious and liveable. 

The studio’s sophisticated take on interior design has earned it a renowned reputation in the industry as well as several prestigious awards. From ideation to installation, Mary and her team work closely with their clients to make their dream interiors a reality. Whether you’re planning on giving your own home a makeover or entering the industry, here are a few key tips from Designer Touches to get you started. 

1. Proper time management is key

There are a number of consecutive projects running at once and organising and prioritising tasks allows the designer to stay on schedule and deliver the project within the time frame.

2. Keep the finances in order

There is a never-ending amount of paperwork and payments to be made.  Streamlining this process through the use of specifically tailored costing software saves time and is more effective.

3. Manage tight turnaround times

Clients can have high expectations and require projects to be delivered in a quick time period.  Designers need to manage these expectations and the suppliers to deliver the project successfully.

4. Provide timeless design

Creating designs that are not only modern but have longevity, ensuring clients feel that they have had value for money.

5. Be flexible

Designers are often onsite, taking in deliveries or at trade shows, meaning they may have limited time in the office.  Being able to work remotely is paramount to ensure customer service is maintained and projects are completed on time.

Today, Mary and her team continue to push the boundaries of modern design, developing unique spaces that are both glamorous and practical. To find out more about Designer Touches and their incredible home makeovers, visit their website or discover their business journey on our blog. 

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