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Email marketing best practices to improve results

Posted: 09 July 2021

Email Marketing 2

Email marketing continues to be a favoured marketing technique, offering a strong return on investment. In fact, 76% of UK businesses describe email marketing as important or “very” important.

Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the most out of email marketing. 

  1. Personalise emails whenever possible. Some ideas include matching previously bought items and using the reader’s first name. 
  2. Optimise your subject line for conversions. Depending on the brand, you can make the subject line quirky, urgent or serious and prompt the reader to open the message.
  3. Be consistent in branding. Each email campaign should use similar imagery and maintain a high standard that becomes synonymous with the business. 
  4. Check readability with testing. Make sure that you test that the dimensions are correct, the mail renders properly and that there is an option to open in a browser. Doing so will make your email campaign accessible to more people. 
  5. Create a strategic schedule. There’s a fine line between spamming your customers and offering meaningful information and content. Be strategic with your timeline and give your readers a reason to open the mail.
  6. Always remember to follow GDPR guidelines when it comes to such communication!

While the business landscape has shifted to being online, the need for office space isn’t as important. In fact, several businesses use self storage as a solution for space. This week, we profiled three business tenants with Storage King.

HM Computer Services

An increasing number of people are working online and remotely, making our computers an important asset in business. However, what happens when our laptops burn out and need a repair job? H M Computer Services, the focus of Monday’s Local Business Spotlight, have you covered!

The family-run business is based in Bedfordshire and serves the surrounding areas with all computer-related services, from internet security software and Wi-Fi range extenders to computer repair services and data recovery. Find out more about their business on their website.

Eco Cleaning Gloucestershire

Everyone has different cleaning needs. Whether you need a deep clean at the end of tenancy,  dusty carpets are giving you allergies or you’re responsible for maintaining large commercial premises, Eco Cleaning Gloucestershire has the skills to get the job done. Visit their website to discover how their fully trained and experienced cleaners work magic in any space.

Strangeways Spirits

Innovative ideas have the power to disrupt an industry, and that’s exactly what Strangeways Spirits has achieved with their CBD-infused beverages. Today’s Local Business Spotlight shines the light on Strangeways Spirits, a company that is pioneering handcrafted, CBD-infused beverages in the UK.

Their Hazy Strawberry and Dry Gin are particular favourites during the summer months! Find out more about Strangeways Spirits products on their Instagram and website.

If you’re looking for convenient business storage solutions, as these companies have, then Storage King offers the perfect solution. With different size units available to lease with a flexible agreement, you pay for as much space as you need, for as long as you need. Contact us at 0800 0852 954 to find out more or get a quick online quote.

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