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Are you on your phone more during lockdown?

Posted: 01 May 2020

Get Off Your Phone

Boredom. A word that comes to mind for many of us around the UK while we are doing our bit to stay at home. A natural escape from this boredom is usually our mobile phones, which offers all sorts of distractions to keep us busy.

It can become a bit all-consuming though and not all that healthy. So, in this blog post we share a few ideas on what else you can do to keep you occupied and away from the screen.   

Tips for staying off your phone

  • Give yourself set screen times

You don’t need to stay away from the screen altogether. Allow yourself certain times during the day to check your phone and catch up on what you need to.

  • Real time activities

Be productive and you’ll thank yourself for it. Use the time to declutter around the house, do some DIY or whatever else has been neglected over recent months. Clearing out the closet is a great place to start. Once you’re done, you’ll look back and wonder why you never did it sooner. 

  • Exercise

Keep moving! Not only does it keep us in shape but it also releases endorphins which help to keep us happy and functioning. If you are struggling with fatigue, exercise can also help by increasing the levels of adrenaline in our bodies to keep us focused. There are plenty of options online with workouts we can all do in our homes. 

  • Real time interactions

Take time to connect with the people you live with, whether that be your partner, kids or your flatmate. Play a board game, do some yoga in the garden or do a home project together. Now is the perfect time to get things done!

  • Reconnect

During the time you do allow yourself on your phone, use some of it to connect with friends and family. There are plenty of online video platforms that are free which you can use. Now is a great time to reconnect.

  • Go green

Spending time in your garden while you are stuck at home is a great way to reconnect with the outside world. You may even find you have time for a larger gardening project. Perhaps a good time to grow your own vegetable garden. Be creative!

If you do spend time decluttering your home, give us a call on 0800 0852 954 and we’ll help you store all the items for when you need them again.

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