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Aqua Parcs’ pro tips to building the ultimate adventure park

Posted: 10 September 2021

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Friends Kieron Murty and Joe Grix founded Aqua Parcs in 2018 to create a place where anyone could have fun. Today, their 400-metre floating adventure course attracts families, friends and colleagues from far and wide for a wondrous day in the water. 

With 30 thrilling obstacle courses to choose from, the park has become the go-to destination for a memorable day out in Milton Keynes. If you’re interested in taking the plunge and starting your very own adventure park, take a look at these tips from the pros. 

1. Location, location, location

Picking the right spot to host watersports is key to ensuring that you can provide the best experience for your guests. 

2. Build your team

Create an experienced team to assist with the different areas of the business so you can concentrate on the overall running of the business. 

3. Training

Link up with local trainers to ensure everyone on your team is trained to the highest standard throughout the season. 

4. Guest experience

Every decision related to the business should have the experience of the paying guests at the forefront to ensure happy guests that may potentially return. 

5. Have fun

The industry itself is a fun one so it is important that this is relayed through the staff and guests to ensure the maximum experience is achieved at all times.

The Aqua Parcs team has certainly made a splash in the Milton Keynes community, and plan to not only introduce new activities to the park but to expand across the UK. To find out more about Aqua Parcs and how you can conquer their giant adventure course, visit their website or read all about their inspiring business journey on our blog. 

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