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A Day In The Life Of A Storage King Manager – Andy Webber

Posted: 29 June 2018

A Day In The Life Of A Storage King Manager – Andy Webber

Storage King has made self storage simple for businesses and everyday people since 2004.

Our store managers are an integral part of our flexible and easy to use service, responsible for leading the teams who make storage magic happen on a daily basis.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Manager for Storage King, on the front line dealing with customers and their storage queries? Read our "A Day In The Life" series for an inside glimpse. This week we chat to Andy Webber, Regional Manager at Storage King.

Traveling on the infamous M25 motorway, where you get traffic jams for no apparent reason, can be a pain. I keep sane on my commute by listening to Talk Sport and catching up on football gossip. I always stop for my customary Costa Coffee and a Mars Bar.

My first task upon arriving at work is to check-in with all my stores, and address any potential issues they may be having. I try to visit a different store each day, and before reviewing the store performance with the team in question, I update important details the night before so I have a clear vision of what I am trying to achieve for the day.

My first priority is to ensure my teams are supported and receive coaching on what can help make them successful. Good teams look after customers; bad ones lose them. My second priority is my customers and making sure any potential issues are addressed with the team and client together. This way my teams learn what the issue was and how to avoid the same thing from happening again. We have minimal issues with clients as transparency is key throughout the tasks the teams undertake. Taking care of those two things helps to achieve what drives me, and this is to have a region which is successful.

Andy Webber - Storage King Area Manager in a storage unit

Next on the list is listening to calls with the store along with role plays if necessary. I take a walk around the facility with a team member, checking and addressing any issues with the building. During the morning there will also be calls from other stores in the region, where I advise on any issues they may have.

The best part of each day is achieving everything that I set out to do. Being organised is my priority. Being in Operations has its frustrations as anything can happen, but there is nothing better than the feeling of completing what you set out to do.

The final task of the day is updating the results, knowing what my priorities for the following day are.

I like working for Storage King as all of our practices are designed for customer and employee satisfaction. Priorities may change, but the goals remain the same. Having a consistent goal keeps everyone on the same page and driving towards achieving that goal.

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