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5 Tips for storing gardening equipment

Posted: 07 April 2020

Garden focus SK 7 April 2020


With the arrival of Spring, now is the perfect time to get your garden in shape after the long winter months. This means having the right tools for the job and making sure they are in tip top shape to get the work done.

What many of us will find as we start to get stuck into our gardens is that when we take our tools out of hibernation, they are not quite in the condition they were when we packed them away those many months ago.

So, in this blog post we share a few tips on making sure your garden equipment is stored and cleaned correctly.

  1. Clean your tools!

Make sure you clean your tools after using them, especially those that you use for digging or cutting. It’s not only about rust but also so as not to attract any unwanted visitors into your garden shed.

  1. Use protective materials

Protecting your tools (and your outdoor furniture from rain) is important. If you don’t have a shed, use a storage box for your garden tools to protect them from rain or damp. For your shed, make sure it is waterproof and fix any cracks etc. If you are running out of space, our self storage units can be a perfect extension of your home storage.

  1. Pack strategically

To avoid damaging/scratching your tools, be sure to use packaging materials to wrap any equipment with blades and sharp edges (old towels, blankets or even bubble wrap). You may be storing more than tools in your shed or storage area, so this will protect them.

  1. Consider seasonal self storage

Space can quickly become a problem, or the lack thereof rather. If you don’t have a garden shed or find that it is filling up quickly, store your tools with us and we’ll keep them safe for when you need them again. Your lawnmower doesn’t belong in your house!

  1. Think inside the box

Try to sort your equipment into one or two boxes that you can simply take with you to the garden or allotment. Once you’re done, you can simply take this box to you garden shed or self storage unit.

If you’ve run out of space for your garden equipment, give us a call on 0800 0852 954 to see how we can help.


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