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5 simple steps for a more sustainable business

Posted: 11 March 2022

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With the world’s population increasing every day, we’ve had to take a step back and find ways to reduce our footprint on the planet, and that includes businesses. Whether to reduce wastage, live a more sustainable life or simply save money on skyrocketing electric bills, there are plenty of benefits of being an energy-efficient business. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon emissions and making a positive impact on the planet, here are a few ways you can: 

  1. Switch to energy-saving equipment 

Whether you have printers around the office, large LEDs on the ceiling or a cooling and heating system on all day, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re using the best equipment for the planet. Take a look around your office and make a list of all the appliances and equipment you use on a daily basis. Find out how much energy each uses and make the switch to a more eco-friendly alternative. 

  1. Consider installing solar panels 

With the most powerful energy source right above you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Installing solar panels is a smart and cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and make your business more sustainable in the long term. The energy-saving option also allows you to store extra energy that has been generated for a rainy day, so you’ll always be powered on without impacting the planet. 

  1. Encourage sustainable practices 

To make a tangible impact, it's important to have an office culture that puts the environment first. By encouraging your employees to make better choices in the workplace, you can save unnecessary costs and inspire others to change their habits for the better not only in the office, but at home as well. These small changes could be turning off appliances or lights when they’re not in use or carpooling to work.

  1. Make the move to motion sensor lighting 

While encouraging your staff to switch off lights is an easy way to save energy, people can forget. Installing motion sensor lighting outside or in areas of the office people rarely use will guarantee a reduction in your energy use during the day and at night. Another way to limit the time your lights are on is to harness natural light as much as possible by keeping curtains open on sunny days. 

  1. Install electric vehicle charging points 

One of the ways businesses have radically reduced their carbon footprint is with electric vehicle charging points. Installing these points in your parking lot will not only attract more customers but reduce the overall greenhouse gases that your office produces. 

If you want to make your home or business more energy-efficient, head to Kent Electrical Contracting Ltd to find out more about their innovative and professional solutions. 

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