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5 ideas for a fun day out in Dartford

Posted: 21 September 2021

Dartford Activities

Dartford is the perfect destination for a fun-filled day out. Once a medieval market town, it now boasts some of the most spectacular sites in the region. From famed rock and roll studios to world-renowned museums, the small commuter town has plenty of thrilling activities right on its doorstep. Discover the best of Dartford here: 

1. Holy Trinity

Built in 1080 by Bishop Gundulf, the well-preserved parish church has played a significant part in Dartford’s history. During the medieval period, the church is believed to have acted as a place of refuge for many pilgrims and travellers passing through the town. Today, people still flock here from around the world to soak up its ancient architecture and spirituality. Among some of the most notable attractions is the fresco of St George slaying the dragon and the early 17th-century tomb of Sir John Spilman.

2. Dartford Museum

Once the home of rebels and martyrs, Dartford is rich in history. Uncover some of the area's best-kept secrets and relics at the Dartford Museum. Situated on Market Street in the centre of town, the ultra-modern museum traces back to the beginning of Dartford and beyond. Anglo-Saxon burial sites, 18th-century ceramics and tools from the Stone Age are just a few exciting exhibitions to expect. 

3. The Mick Jagger Centre

The Mick Jagger Centre is a hot spot for musicians and die-hard rock and roll fans alike. The performing arts venue was named after The Rolling Stones’ star, Mick Jagger, who attended the Dartford Grammar School where the centre is situated. The centre is equipped with two main stages, a professional recording studio, as well as a number of rehearsal rooms where workshops are held throughout the summer. 

4. Central Park 

If you love sauntering through buzzing trees or playing a good ball game, then Central Park should be at the top of your list. The green space is set on 26 acres of land and brims with budding gardens that showcase over 40 000 plants. Central Park is also a favourite among families and features a large playground, climbing wall and even a skatepark. 

5. Bluewater Shopping Centre 

The Bluewater Shopping Centre is the ultimate destination to pick up the latest fashion trends or indulge in some retail therapy. The triangular designed centre is home to over 300 stores with a flagship store at each corner. However, the centre doesn’t only cater to shopaholics. For those who prefer to take the backseat on shopping excursions, there is also a boating lake, golf course and discovery trail. 

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