Furniture Storage

Storage solutions for you

If you've never used self-storage before then knowing what you can store (e.g furniture storage) and the best way to do this will probably be new to you. Each of our store locations has a range of locker sizes depending on your needs. We have lockers from 10 sq. ft. if you just have a small bedside table up or 50 sq. ft. if you have bigger items. We have created a handy size estimator tool to help you find out what size you require. Alternatively give your local store a call and speak to our friendly staff who will be able to advise you.

Help From Storage King

If you need help with any moving, especially bigger items then let your local store know so that our staff can help you. We also have discounts with local van hire companies if you require them - ask your local store manager and they will be able to provide you with the information.


What Can I Store?

You can store any type of furniture with us depending on the unit size you need. It can be great for storing a few bedside tables to bigger items like fridges or sofas. Be careful when you are first packing your goods so that they do not get damaged and you can access any of them easily. If you're unsure about something you want to sore simply give your local store a call and our store managers will be happy to advise.

Furniture Storage Costs

The cost of the storage is dependent on 3 things; the size of the unit, the length of time and the level of the unit (e.g. ground floor or first floor). If you fill out our quote we will give you a price for the length of time you need and you can reserve the unit from today.

Packing Tips

No matter how long you are storing your goods for you want to make sure that when you come to collect and use them again they are still in a good condition.

Gently wash any furniture units with a small amount of soapy water to remove any dirt before storing. Be careful when leaning furniture on top of each other, use fabric to wrap around any sharp edges to prevent scratching or damage to anything.

All glass units should be stored very carefully away from anything too heavy or damaging on top of them.

Fabric items e.g. sofas and chairs should be covered in some material if possible to prevent any damp or mildew growth whilst being stored.

Any electrical items should ideally be placed in a box for additional protection.

Remember to pack the items as strategically as possible - if you think you are going to need some items sooner than store them at the front to get easy access.

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