Blog articles for 2019

Relocating Home? Here Is What Martin Found Out image of a directional arrow

Posted: 21 Jan 2019

Martin Gale and his family recently relocated from Dorset to Cheltenham, working with the Gales to accommodate their changing storage needs at every step of the journey was Storage King Gloucester.

Storage King Basildon Reflect the Town’s Rapid Growth image of a directional arrow

Posted: 18 Jan 2019

Storage King has developed a trusted name in Basildon over the past 11 years, becoming involved in the community in various ways such as sponsoring the Basildon and Pitsea Carnival.

Minimalism, Space & Letting Go image of a directional arrow

Posted: 14 Jan 2019

‘Letting go’ is a phrase commonly adopted in many areas of life – let go of toxic people, let go of the past and let go of the clutter! The latter has become increasingly popular as more people look to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. There is a certain satisfactory feeling of being able to live comfortably in your home without clutter, which is actually a task that is a lot simpler to achieve than you would think.

Self Storage: An Investment Choice Rising In Popularity image of a directional arrow

Posted: 11 Jan 2019

Real estate has long since been a popular choice for investors, yet self storage is one area in real estate that is often overlooked. While the rest of the real estate market can be challenging and crowded at times, the self storage industry is growing, presenting investors with an unlikely investment alternative.

Storage King Cambridge – Your Conveniently Located Storage Facility image of a directional arrow

Posted: 07 Jan 2019

Cambridge has for some time been a popular location for young expanding businesses. One of the conundrums of a growing business is space, but businesses in Cambridge have found an effective solution to keep costs down – self storage.



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