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7 Tips To Store Your Childhood Toys And Reduce Clutter

Posted: 29 October 2018

7 Tips To Store Your Childhood Toys And Reduce Clutter

Despite the abundance of toys that you provide for your children, chances are they will reject the majority and focus only on their favourite. This means that there are many forgotten toys merely lying around and taking up unnecessary space that could be used for something else.

Rather than shatter your child’s dream when they ask for the purple bunny called Booboo you previously threw out, certain that they had forgotten about it, or give up on the possibility of a new niece who could receive great use out of second hand clothing, a self storage unit could provide you the perfect space to safely store these belongings until you need them again.

Here are a few wonderful tips that you can use in conjunction with a self storage unit, reducing the clutter in your home, without giving up on any sentimental items.

1. Toy rotation
Your children do not need all their toys at once. By rotating their toys, it will allow them to gain a lot more pleasure from playing with toys that they haven’t seen in a while.

2. Make use of stackable containers
Stackable containers make for easy storing as they come in many shapes and sizes. These containers allow for toys to be neatly packed away and keeps them safe and secure, all the while reducing clutter in the home.

3. Designate certain areas for toys
One way to reduce clutter is to designate certain areas for toys around the house where they are easily accessible. For example, allocate an art corner where all art supplies are kept.

4. Teach your children to pack their toys away
Toys go missing when they are left lying around. Teaching your children about the importance of packing their toys away after use will introduce an element of responsibility to play. In addition, it will reduce the clutter lying around the house and the toys will be easy to find.

5. Consider self storage
If you simply do not have space in your home to store excess belongings, an incredibly convenient solution is to move the toys out of your home and make use of a self storage unit. This way, you can assure yourself that the toys are safe and secure in an accessible unit. The toys will be stored securely until you are ready to use them again.

6. Label all the containers
Labelling containers will avoid confusion and reduce time spent looking for certain toys. With the labels facing forward, you can easily pull out the container you require, and you remain well organised.

7. Initiate regular clear outs
In some instances, there are childhood belongings that are no longer relevant or used. Some toys never come out of the cupboard and their existence is long forgotten. Take the opportunity to donate these toys to children that are less fortunate.

These are just a few tips to help reduce clutter caused by childhood toys, without removing items that hold sentimental value.

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