The festive season is upon us, and to get us all in the festive spirit we are running a 12 days of Christmas Giveaway for store staff.

This will run on the last 12 working week days before Christmas December 7th to 22nd

Day 1 Thursday 7th  2017 Google review score £20 Amazon voucher  Gloucester
Day 2 Friday 8th Web Hit Ratio YTD £50 Dinner voucher  Sam Golding 
Day 3 Monday 11th Shredding Bag Sales Uplift Christmas Jumper & £20 High Street Voucher each Dunstable
Day 4 Tuesday 12th Direct Debit Levels  Lottery Tickets 8 x Euromillions Gloucester
Day 5 Wednesday 13th  % of Revenue to Budget  Case of Wine each Chester 
Day 6 Thursday 14th  Rays Of Sunshine Donations M&S Food Hamper  Doncaster 
Day 7 Friday 15th  Insurance Penetration Champagne  Cambridge 
Day 8 Monday 18th  Q4 Reservations Virgin Experience Voucher   Jose
Day 9 Tuesday 19th  Cleanest Store Christmas Socks £20 High Street Voucher each Derby 
Day 10 Wednesday 20th  % Sq Ft to Budget £25 M&S Voucher each   Aylesford
Day 11 Thursday 21st  Merchandise Sales Theatre Ticket Voucher  Carol 
Day 12 Friday 22nd  Sq Ft Gains 2017 £100 M&S Voucher each  Oxford 

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